Android Developer


Nextive is looking for an experienced software developer who can lead the creation of native and web Android applications. We seek candidates who are extremely detail oriented and capable of working independently.

Aviso Completo

- BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience/skills
- Fluency in English language
- Proficient in Java
- Exposure Android’s SDK
- Proficiency with SQL and the relational DBM
- Working experience with XHTML/HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, LAMP or other web technologies

A Plus:
- Experience developing for Android

What We Value in our Developers:
- A genuine passion for software development
- Respect for development guidelines: Your code should not only work, it has to be created in a way that other people in the organization can understand and reuse

Based in California, Nextive is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from software, media, mobile and business backgrounds working on the latest generation of mobile and social applications. If you are passionate about cutting-edge technologies, then this is the place for you!

The Nextive Team

Autor: Nextive || Publicado: 11-02-2011

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